List of 8 Checklist Tasks to do Before Showcasing Home for Sale

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Have you listed your Malibu house for sale and just realized that your home will have to be up for showcasing? If yes, chances are that you’re already panicking about how to make it look good enough to lure the potential homebuyers into closing a good deal. Preparing your home for showcasing requires dedication and commitment. But to do it perfectly, you must learn to work in an organized way.

Top 8 Tasks For Showcasing Your Home Successfully

Not sure where to start? Stop worrying and read this article to find out the 8 checklist tasks that you must complete before showcasing your home for sale in Malibu.

Task 1: De-Clutter Your Home

Ask any Malibu realtor about what’s the first thing to do before opening your home up for showcase, and you’ll know how much emphasis is given to de-cluttering. By removing excess objects and items from your home, you will allow it to reflect the prospects your property has for potential buyers.

Task 2: Check for Tiny Details

While de-cluttering, you are likely to overlook small details such as the torn edge of the carpet or dirty cushion covers. To stage your home perfectly, you have to be vigilant about such things and must work to make them better. This doesn’t necessarily require you to invest a lot of money. A simple rearrangement or replacement can fix smaller issues.

Task 3: Clean & Sweep the Floors

This task goes without saying because a dirty home never attracts anyone. Whether you choose to wipe off the floors and dust up the carpets yourself or hire a cleaning company, make sure that your Malibu, CA home is free of dirt and dust. Don’t forget to use deodorizing agents or slightly fragrant cleaning products to give off a refreshing vibe.

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Task 4: Wipe the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the first place homebuyers check out. This is why experienced realtors in Malibu suggest that you wipe off your kitchen floors, cabinets, and countertops carefully. Organized drawers and kitchen shelves also leave a brilliant first impression on the buyers.

Task 5: Empty Trash Bins

Just imagine how an overflowing trash bin at the entrance gate would make you feel. No matter how clean your home is trash bins full of garbage will not only ruin the entire look of your home but also cause a foul odor to linger along in and near your home.

Task 6: Remove Valuables

The prospective homebuyers visiting your home are usually strangers. So even if you are assured by the realtor that they are trustable, it is always wise to remove any valuable objects and keep them in a safe place.

Task 7: Work on the Exterior

If you have a yard full of wild grass or a balcony with drying plants, spruce them up. Clean the outside of your home including any stairs or pavement to leave a lasting impression on the homebuyers.

Task 8: Brighten Up Your Home

The final task to do just before showcasing your home for sale in Malibu is to brighten it up. Opening the blinds and the curtains along with turning on a few lights will make your home look spacious and livable. If you want to create a lavish appeal, you may also play soft music in the background!

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