car in front of a luxury Beverly Hills homeJust like all other areas of life, technical advancements have also impacted the interiors of residential properties. More and more residences are now being designed, built, and decorated with ease, comfort, and functionality in mind. But, luxury properties have taken it a step ahead with features and amenities that offer the most luxurious living experience that you typically only get at the finest hotels and resorts.

If you also want to make your luxury condo on the Golden Mile one-of-its-kind, here are some of the best luxury features you can consider adding to it. In addition to increasing the appeal of your home, these features will also increase its lifetime value; in case, you ever decide to sell your Golden Mile property:

1. Spa Shower System

Why visit the crowded spa of your apartment building when you can get the same feel at your own home?

All you have to do to get the rejuvenating and refreshing spa-like experience in your own home is to make a few additions to your bathroom. While adding a sunken tub, an overhead rain shower and a Jacuzzi will give you the same feel, if you want to take things to the next level, you can consider adding a horizontal massage shower.

The latest innovation, horizontal massage shower features multiple shower heads that can be customized and controlled for temperature, quantity, and pressure of water. It provides the most relaxing shower massage you can ever imagine.

2. Smart Toilet

Along with other parts of the house, our home toilets have also come a long way ever since the arrival of smart technology. From automated seat lifting, heated seat, massage bidet and automatic LED light at night to health tracking, blue-tooth, speakers, and automatic flushing, there’s a lot that you can do to your toilet seat.

3. Home Theater

A luxury home without a home theater? Na! Not interested!

If you don’t want to hear that from your prospective tenants or buyers, you need to have an in-home accutane entertainment room in your luxury condo on the Wilshire Corridor. Make sure it is soundproof, has a large screen, best-quality sound system, and provides an optimal view from all the seats to make it more appealing to buyers.

4. Temperature Controlled Pool

The time swimming was considered a summer activity is long gone – thanks to the technological advancements that have made it possible to adjust the water temperature of swimming pools.

Whether you have an indoor pool or an outdoor one, having the temperature control feature is going to make your home a lot more attractive to potential tenants and buyers.

5. A Wine Cellar and/or Bar

If you are someone who loves having get-togethers and throwing parties, get a wine cellar or a bar made in your home, if there isn’t one already, and your parties will become all the more fun and entertaining.

6. Smart Home Monitoring

While most luxury homes now come with this feature, it’s high time you update your condo in case it doesn’t have a smart control mechanism.

Modern-day tenants and buyers want the utmost comfort and convenience when it comes to luxury properties. And what can be more convenient than being able to control all the devices in your home from your mobile phone or tablet, no matter how far away you are from it. Just make sure the software and app are user-friendly.

These are just a few high-end features that you can add to your home to make it stand out. There are a lot more options available out there, so if you want to go beyond the basics and truly want your place to exude luxury and opulence from every corner, know that there is no dearth of options. And if you plan on renting or selling your condo on the Wilshire corridor after making upgrades, contact Luis Pezzini Luxury Homes at 1-310-275-2076 to get the best deal.



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