Keeping your house clean and spotless can be quite a chore. And it doesn’t really help to employ a cleaning hack only to find out it doesn’t work. So, when it comes to cleaning the house, make sure you don’t fall for all the cleaning myths out there and waste your time and effort. Scroll down to read about the various cleaning myths and learn if your favorite cleaning hack really works or not!

Myth #1: You Can’t Clean Windows and Glass Surfaces Properly without a Spray Cleaner

If you think you need fancy cleaning solutions to keep your windows sparkling clean, you are mistaken. The truth is that you can clean the windows or any other glass surface without spending a penny. You can skip the commercial cleaners and make a DIY cleaning solution that will work just as well. Use part water and part vinegar to make your DIY window cleaner. For enhanced ease of use, store the solution in a spray bottle and use all around the house to take your cleaning regime to the next level while saving a few bucks on fancy and expensive, commercial cleaners.

Myth # 2: You Can’t Clean the House without Using Specialty Cleaners

Supermarkets are flooded with specialty cleaners. From floor to walls and kitchen counters, there are different cleaners for every part of the house. While they work well for cleaning the specified areas of the house, you don’t really need specialty cleaners for every nook and crook of the house. As long as you own the right cleaning essential, you are good to go. Another approach is to buy cleaners according to the type of surface instead of the part of the house. For instance, if you opt for a specialized cleaner for wooden surfaces, you can use it for cleaning a lot of different places in the house, including the floors, patio, wooden counters, stairs, etc.

Myth # 3: Bleach is an All-Purpose for Bathroom Stains

The importance of using chlorine bleach the right way cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to understand that chlorine bleach is not an all-purpose cleaning. Instead of clearing them out, bleach can sometimes set stubborn stains. It can also cause color damage to certain surfaces and make them look dull instead of adding shine to them. Therefore, it is important to make sure you use bleach carefully. Don’t overdo it. Before pouring it out on a surface, make sure that bleach is the appropriate cleaning. IF you have to use it, make sure you dilute it with water before you employ it as an all-purpose cleaner.

Myth # 4: Clean the Windows When Its Cloudy

As strange as it may sound, this myth is actually true. The best time to clean the windows is when it is cloudy outside. The reason is that if the sun is out and shining, your windows are likely to dry out before you get a chance of wiping them down. This will leave visible streaks on the glass. So, if you want to achieve streak-free, shining windows, it is advisable to wait till it is cloudy outside or at least till the sun is not directly hitting the window. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sunshine, resort to cleaning the windows in the evening.

Myth # 5: You don’t Need Professional Cleaners if You Clean Your House Regularly

Professional cleaners can be a blessing. However, a lot of people believe that hiring professional cleaners is never a good idea. First, it is important to understand that professional cleaners offer deep cleaning, which is usually not everyone’s cup of tea. While you may clean your regularly, it can be a hassle to deep clean it every few days. Apart from taking out considerable time form your schedule, you will also have to learn about the different cleaning techniques and maybe even invest in specialized cleaning equipment. It is just so much more convenient to let the experts handle the job for you.

Furthermore, professional cleaners will make sure that your house not only looks spotless but is also free of germs, bacteria, and allergens. They specialize in cleaning every nook and crook of the house, so you can rest assured that by the time they are done, your house will be squeaky clean. Therefore, even if your house is not particularly dirty, it is a good idea to hire the best professional cleaners for a deep cleaning every once in a while.

Myth # 6: It is better to Use a Broom and Dustpan than Vacuuming the House

While a lot of us may find it easier to just sweep the dust away, it is not always a good idea. It may save you some work but it doesn’t really help you clean the house. You may collect some of the dust in the dustpan but a lot of it is also simply displaced and really removed.

So while you may not be able to see it with the naked eye, the dust is still there and may work to aggravate allergies. It may also prove to be unhealthy for people with asthma or respiratory diseases. An easy way to rid your house of allergens is to vacuum the house instead of using a broom and dustpan. This will remove all the dust on the floors or carpet to keep your house dust-free.

Now that you know the truth about the most common cleaning myths, you can bring the right changes to your cleaning regime to keep your house sparkling clean without wasting time on ineffective cleaning techniques and essentials.

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