For those aspiring to buy a luxury home in Hollywood Hills, the Dell is the great neighborhood to opt for! With its eastern edge nestling up to Beachwood Canyon, the Dell is bordered by the Hollywood Reservoir in the north and Franklin Avenue in the south. Its strategic location is not only a great attraction for famous celebrities but also for young families.

Are you not convinced yet? Here are the top 5 reasons why Hollywood Dell is the perfect place to buy a luxury home!

1. It Gives a Tremendous Small Town Vibe

This independent neighborhood was previously a part of the Whitley Heights and referred to as Bryn Mawr. Since after the construction of the 101 freeway, however, it emerged as a small area on its own. This is why homebuyers who are looking for a cozy and private space that gives off a small-town vibe must consider living in the Dell. Part of the reason it gives off a protective feel is that its center point is lower than its entry points. The Dell is neither too crowded nor chaotic – you can expect kids riding their bikes unattended and neighbors chatting casually. The best part is that the location and size of this neighborhood allow you to enjoy free access to the freeway and other areas around.

2. It Consists of an Organized Community

Whether you prefer isolation or love to socialize, you just can’t deny the importance of having good and friendly neighbors. The Dell is full of passionate residents who are active and involved in improving the neighborhood. You are likely to find online discussion forums that engage residents or regular in-person meetings that aim to benefit the neighborhood as a whole. It is impressive how there are small groups that have emerged to take charge of preserving the beauty of the Hollywood Dell – such as the Hollywood Dell Civic Association and Friends of Franklin-Ivar Park.

3. It Has Stunning Architecture

For homebuyers looking to buy a home in Hollywood Hills that reflects the beauty of the Spanish Colonial architecture, the Dell is heaven on Earth. It is marked by housing properties that feature clay tile roofs, stucco walls, and terracotta-style decoration. You won’t be disappointed by the variety of housing options and the incorporation of modern technology in traditional architecture. Furthermore, renowned interior designer Maxime Jacquet resides in Hollywood Dell and often likes to display a revolving art show in his yard. So if you live in the Dell, you may get a chance to drive by and marvel at the astounding artwork by Mr. Jacquet.

4. It Has a Great Elementary School

Relocating to a different neighborhood often necessitates the changing of schools as well. If you are worried about the quality of education in the Dell, it’s time to relax. This Hollywood Hills neighborhood has an elementary school that has a reputation for scoring well on the Academic Performance Index (API). More on, the school is regularly supported by a non-profit organization, created by the residents of Dell, which raises donations to contribute towards maintaining the school’s academic environment and facilities.

5. It Features Remarkable Landmarks

Hollywood Dell is known for its natural beauty that appeals to the eye instantly. A few notable spots that you will get access to as a resident in the Dell are:

Looking for a Home in Hollywood Dell?

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