luxury Beverly Hills real estateIf you think that Beverly Hills is all about celebrity residents, luxurious mansions and expensive shops, you are wrong! You’ll start doubting your perception about the neighborhood the moment you learn more about it. Not sure what this means? Read this article to know the 5 unusual and hidden attractions in Beverly Hills that will change the way you perceive this part of the city to be.

1. Gardens of Virginia Robinson

Known as the first lady of Beverly Hills, Virginia Robinson, was famous for throwing extravagant parties. She was the one who transformed a six-acre estate that belonged to her into a garden oasis that featured fountains, rare plants, and pools. The garden was inspired by Virginia’s travel experiences and included:

The Virginia Robinson Gardens are filled with unique botanical species that are displayed in aesthetically pleasing arrangements. If you wish to visit the garden, know that it is open to the public for docent-guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday every week.

2. Greystone Park & Mansion

The majestic Greystone mansion is surrounded by massive pastoral acres of gorgeous city-owned parkland. This park and mansion have been featured frequently in movies. This hidden attraction has two large areas open for public access that include a courtyard area, formal gardens, and a centerpiece fountain. The mansion, on the other hand, can be toured during the events held at the venue throughout the year.

3. Dreamy Real Estate Properties

The Beverly Hills is a neighborhood that is undoubtedly marked by impressive real estate properties. A few private properties that stand out and make it to our list of attractions in Beverly Hills are:

4. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a heaven for cheese lovers! The Cheese Store is a hidden attraction since many people have not explored the hundreds of varieties of cheese available in this store. In addition to its cheese offerings, the store is also known for its high-quality wine and foods such as caviar, olive oils, and truffles. Want to know the best thing about this Cheese Store in Beverly Hills? They have regular monthly wine-and-cheese pairing classes!

5. The Trousdale Estates

Developed during the 1950s and 1960s, the Trousdale Estates is a 410-acre enclave that features single-story luxury homes that can easily qualify as one of the best properties in Beverly Hills, CA. This enclave is in a perfect location – northeast of Greystone Mansion and near the Sunset Boulevard. Living in Trousdale Estates gained recognition quickly because of the concentration of celebrity residents who bought homes in the area. If anything, you will be amused by the extravagance and brilliance of its architecture. Famous residents in the area include Frank Sinatra, Jennifer Aniston, and Elvis Presley.

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