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3 Guidelines for Selling High-End Properties in Beverly Hills

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Selling a luxurious home in Beverly Hills or other high-end properties and locations is different than selling a low-priced property in a low-income location. To ensure you get the high-end price your property deserves to be sold at here are some guidelines that should be part of your strategy:

  1. Create a Psychological Buyer Profile

The first thing you need to determine is the type of buyers you can expect. Luxury property usually attracts affluent individuals and families, which is a small niche in the market. Trying to widen your chances by attracting those who cannot afford the price you are asking for will be a waste of time. The longer the property remains on the market, the lower its value.

Determine your ideal buyer by asking yourself a few questions. Are you selling to families? What are the unique selling points of the house that they would like? Is it close to schools, restaurants, and shops? The answers will help attract potential buyers who may be willing to make an offer immediately.

  1. Determine the Right Price

Contrary to popular belief, a luxurious home in Beverly Hills does not have to sell at the highest price you can get for it. A good rule of thumb is to ensure the price remains competitive, i.e., comparable to other lavish buy valtrex online properties in the area.

While expensive properties usually remain on the market longer compared to the non-luxury variety, the competitive pricing will attract more prospective buyers who may be looking in that price range.


  1. Work With an Experienced Luxury Realtor

Professional luxury realtors with experience in buying and selling real estate in high-end areas, such as Beverly Hills, can navigate this unique niche market expertly. This includes determining the price that a particular property should be sold for, how the home should be staged, the type of buyers you should target, and how it should be advertised to appeal to said buyers.

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