Hollywood Hills mansion rentalWhether you rent out your home on short-term contracts or long-term leases, a passive rental income will always be an additional cash flow that you won’t regret. In Birds Street, the properties have seen such a rapid increase in value that the people are more likely to lease homes than buy them. And that isn’t too bad an idea given that as tenants they could still avail the perks of living in Hollywood Hills. A greater advantage, however, is for the landlord who has tremendous opportunities to earn an income without putting in much effort!

When leasing your home in Birds Street, remember that the way you manage your property will determine your financial benefits in the future. Here are the top 10 tips for earning a passive income on your properties that will elevate your property management skills.

1. Know Your Property

It is important for you to be aware of your property and to know it thoroughly. From the lifespan of the appliances installed to the maintenance requirements of the plumbing structure, you should have some idea of major aspects of your home in Birds Street before renting it out. You wouldn’t want to turn away prospective tenants only because the systems failed way too soon than you claimed they would.

2. Plan to Reinvest

If you think that your job is over after leasing your property, you’re wrong. Successful vacation rental homes, for instance, tend to reinvest a part of their passive rental income to make the property look updated. If you do the same, you will not have to invest double the amount in maintenance and renovation before you rent the home again. The short-term rental luxury real estate in Birds Street is usually used more due to frequent guests and tenants. To offer them optimum satisfaction, you must plan on reinvesting in your home.

3. Measure Your Revenues

In case you are confused about whether a short-term rental is better than a long-term rental, or vice versa, sit down and understand your finances. An ideal thing to do is to make a financial plan that predicts how much revenue you will be able to generate through passive income. To do so, consider factors like:

4. Create a Solid & Efficient Marketing Plan

In order to attract high-paying prospective tenants, you need to start thinking about unique marketing and advertising strategies. Simply listing your home in Birds Street on vacation rental websites is not good enough for marketing. Research and plan out how you can trump your market competition and reach out to your target audience.

5. Be Simple & Specific in Terms of Instructions

A very helpful tip is to be concise, simple, and specific when laying out instructions to your tenants. This will not only make it easier for them to grasp your expectations and restrictions but will also help them to comply with the instructions. Explain, for instance, how to use any complicated appliance, or to maintain a delicate system.

6. Strategically Use the Property

Many homeowners living in the Hollywood Hills rent out their homes so that they could use the property whenever they want to. Even though no one is stopping you from living in your own home, it is better to plan to use it strategically in a way that doesn’t affect your prospective income. For instance, don’t stay too long in your rental property during peak times when it is generally highly demanded because that could significantly reduce your revenues.

7. Contact Pezzini Luxury Homes

The process of earning a considerable passive income becomes so much easier with a credible real estate agent who could guide you throughout. For property owners with homes in Birds Street, Pezzini Luxury Homes is a brilliant option to opt for. It is a leading real estate firm in Los Angeles and has experienced agents who promise to steer you in the right direction.

What makes Pezzini Homes a great choice is that in addition to being one of the best Los Angeles real estate agents, it also functions as a property management company. So you can expect them to assist you in maximizing your revenue and ensuring a worthwhile experience of renting your home. Dial 1-310-275-2076 and get in touch with the agent near you!



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